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Thanks for purchasing NextBase. NextBase is the fastest way to start your SAAS project. It comes with incredible set of features pre-built for you.

Feature list

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    Projects - This is where you can organize the activity of your user. Projects are tied to a team and billing methods by default. But you can change them to suit your use case. You can also call them Teams or Spaces.
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      For a blog SAAS product, a project can be a blog website of your end user.
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      For a Video Editor product, a project can be a group of videos that your end user is building. Each video can be tied as a child to a project.
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      Essentially projects are whatever you want them to be. They are fully flexible.
2. Ability to add team members is built in. You can invite team members to your project and also manage the billing. Role based access is also enabled. Only team admins / owners can modify billing or invite team members. Team members can view other team members but cannot invite. Of course, you can change this too.
3. You can give a user or set of users on your development team - superpowers. You can make them Application Admins. Application Admins have access to the Admin Dashboard built into Nextbase. This dashboard can be used to build any moderator features that your app may require. It comes with maintenance mode by default.
When you set your app in maintenance mode, a banner shows up to every logged in user, that the app is in read only mode and only reads are allowed and writes are not allowed. This is a powerful feature that can help you organise downtimes for your app while you are deploying a large feature or fixing a major bug.
4. Application admins can view critical and useful information about users and projects and search them easily in the dashboard.
5. Supabase also provides a powerful ORM + Dashboard. You can easily create your SAAS specific tables here. They are super easy to use.
6. You can also create custom reports in the Supabase dashboard to see what your usage is like.
7. Supabase comes with a powerful SQL editor which you can use to test out different scripts or even create tables.
8. Supabase Dashboard comes with powerful logs including error logging. It is very useful for debugging.
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